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Azulcamet Integral Biomagnetics offers you a better quality of life and well-being, keeping you away from the most common diseases.

It is a therapeutic method suited to all kinds of human beings and also our pets. Our technique balances the organic system, by influencing the electrical charges (electrolytes) in the blood and other fluids. The magnetic flux generated by static field magnets enhances metabolism, changing the spinning of the atoms that constitute the unit of the cells. They influence the direction of rotation of electrons at the cellular level.

Polarization effects occur on the plasma membrane, particularly on potassium. As for the nervous tissue, it has Paramount effects on the neurovegetative system.

Azulcamet Biomagnetics is a therapeutic method where Magnets are applied on the dorsal lymph node chain. Autonomous responses to the magnetic stimulus are manifested. The Good results of this therapy are due to Human tissue electrical conductivity. In biological tissues, the electrical conductivity can be described as the concentration and mobility of charge carriers.
The magnets we use in Azulcamet Biomagnetics are made with metal alloys of minerals (barium and strontium carbonate compounds linked to iron oxide, chosen in low potencies according to the natural cellular voltage. A ferrite magnet is a ceramic material made by mixing and firing large proportions of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3, rust) blended with small proportions of one or more additional metallic elements, such as barium, manganese, nickel, and zinc.

At the end of the session on a stretcher, the patient Will carry small magnets adhered to the skin for several days, being able to bathe and conduct a normal life free of pain, strains or other symptoms.

You can learn this method in our Practical Workshop:

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