The professional training in the career “Natural Health Sciences and Biomagnetism” is developed in 3 years, with an annual workload of 80 hours of theoretical classes in our own virtual platform (LMS format) that allows you to access the reading materials and videos of the classes 24 hours a day and during the entire period of your course, In addition, you will have 80 hours of practical classes transmitted live from our classroom, by “streaming” with international reach, which you will see on computer, phone, Tablet and allow you to ask questions of the teachers and interact with other students.

During the weekend, the video of the classes is recorded, to be seen again. The theoretical sessions take place every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm (Argentine time), from March to December of each year. The practical classes are given on 5 dates of 16 hours each (full weekend) during the year (April-June-August-October-December).

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The program includes the following subjects: Physics of Magnetism, Oriental Medicines, Human Anatomy and Biomagnetic Therapy.

In case you cannot connet in the moment, the recording will remain to be seen when possible. We also offer you notes on all the topics taught and a virtual library to further expand the teachings received.

Our YouTube channel to learn more about the Azulcamet® Biomagnetic method:

If you are interested in registering, you can request the program and topics to be developed during the year. You will receive it in your contact email.

Classes will begin on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Early Bird Registration is now open. Send a message to our WhatsApp clicking in the following link:

or to the number + 549-1140893755